Dennis Whittie for Ferndale City Cooncil

Meet Dennis

I am running for the judicial vacancy on the 43rd District Court.  As a practicing attorney and a lifelong resident within the district, I have a record of directly serving–all three–communities that make up the 43rd District:  Ferndale, Hazel Park, and Madison Heights.

Ferndale:  I have lived in Ferndale since I was a child.  Throughout the years, I have served the community as a volunteer board member on various boards and commissions, through community events, and most recently on the Ferndale City Council.  Moreover, I am a member of the FernCare Board of Directors, an organization that provides health care to those without insurance.

Hazel Park:  Prior to moving to Ferndale, I was a resident of Hazel Park.  I began my education in the Hazel Park School District.  Even though I am a resident of Ferndale, my house is located in the Hazel Park School District today.  I support our local Hazel Park schools in the various fundraisers and band activities.  My niece and nephew currently attend Hazel Park Schools.

Madison Heights:  I served the residents of Madison Heights in two capacities.  First, I was a volunteer police explorer for five years.  I donated hundreds of hours at various community events and activities.  I then returned as an instructor/advisor to the program for 10 years.  Through this role, I donated over 1,000 hours while mentoring the youth in the program and preparing them for their future.

Aside from my community ties, I have a plan to improve the 43rd District Court.  First, I intend to establish a specialty Mental Health Court.  Second, I will establish new relationships with our local schools to mentor youth and allow them to be exposed to careers in the legal field.  Third, I will implement increased mediation practices for civil matters.

I am the most diversely qualified person in this race. Throughout my career path, I have experienced our court system in the many roles in my background.  Testified as a witness countless times while serving as a police officer and an EMT.  I have been the defense attorney advocating for my client through jury trials and pretrial motions.  Prior to that, I was a volunteer probation officer through the 45-B District Court (Oak Park), and a Youth Specialist at the Oakland County Children’s’ Village.  As you can see, I have fulfilled the various roles enabling me to see many sides of an issue.

Most importantly, I will be a fair judge.  A judge must be impartial and assure every party gets a fair opportunity to present their case.  More than any other candidate, my diverse background enables me to see many sides of the issue because I have experienced them first-hand.  Let me put my experience to work for you!