Dennis Whittie for Ferndale City Cooncil

Meet Dennis

I am continuing my pledge to serve my community. Ferndale has been my home for more than 30 years. I am a graduate of the Ferndale Public School system.

I am a small business owner that practices law in the tri-county area – including defending those that need help the most as a Public Defender.

I have served the people of Ferndale as a Councilmember and on many local Commissions and Committees (FernCare, Ferndale Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Healthcare Coalition and more).

I am a veteran Police Officer – that exposed wrongdoing within the department that spoke up and did the right thing.

I am currently employed as Emergency Management Coordinator for Henry Ford Health Systems and as a contingent Advanced EMT responding to Detroit 911 calls. I continue to work hard to keep you safe.

I am diversely qualified to represent you on city council. Throughout my career path, I have experienced our government in action in the many roles.  While serving as a police officer and an EMT, as a volunteer probation officer, and a Youth Specialist at the Oakland County Children’s’ Village. As you can see, I have fulfilled various roles enabling me to see many sides of an issue.

I consider myself lucky to be a member of the Ferndale community and fortunate to have given back to the people of Ferndale. Many of you know me from ‘around town’ – and I appreciate each and everyone of you and your support. I look forward to continuing to be a proud resident of Ferndale.